Wellness Lead

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Provide support and recommendations regarding participant, staff and volunteer wellness and health
  • Dispense medications and maintain all required records

Required Qualifications

  • 18+ years of age
  • Current First Aid and CPR Level C Certification


  • Adhere to the covenant and support the mission of Camp Christopher
  • Support Christian faith exploration and the creation of a spiritual community at camp
  • Monitor medical supplies, including in all camp buildings and vehicles, and report discrepancies to the Camp Manager
  • Monitor safety and sanitization of the site
  • Accompany a patient to a doctor or hospital, in the designated vehicle, when necessary
  • Participate in camper registration and departure:
    • Collect all camper and staff medications for proper storage
    • Develop a health plan with participant and caregivers as required
    • Record pertinent information to participant health and wellness
    • Coordinate with Team Leads to accommodate all medical needs