What We Do At Camp

What We Do at Camp

Camp Christopher is a safe, caring community where all may explore faith, celebrate creation and grow in relationship with Christ.  This purpose guides our actions and words – it is the core of our ministry at Camp Christopher.

What do we do at camp?

1.     We Explore: Each day at Camp Christopher is an opportunity to explore and grow in our faith. The opportunities for exploration are endless. We explore the natural world around us and the spiritual world within us.

2.     We Celebrate: We rejoice in God’s creation because it is a gift. We have been called to act as its steward. As a community we find joy and praise God for the ordinary and the extraordinary.

3.     We Grow: Our community provides opportunity and support for new experiences and learning. Each of us begins in a different place, with different resources at our disposal. We accept this challenge and the vulnerability that comes with growth.

4.     We Lead: We are committed to enhancing the leadership capacity within the Synod of Saskatchewan. We are on a journey of reconciliation. We are reimagining our identity as a Christian Camp in Northern Saskatchewan.  

For details on programming please check out “Explore“. Regular summer program will not be on-site in 2021.